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May 2013

The BIG Weekend!

It’s impossible to thank everyone adequately for the wonderful weekend dedicated to celebrating the School of Pharmacy and my 10 years as dean.  So many wonderful features…  A surprise (you’ll see this word a lot!) dinner with the BOV at the Nakoma Country Club on Thursday evening, including a surprise appearance by my PhD advisor, Herb Nagasawa, now retired in CA, and another favorite professor and mentor (and UW SOP alum) from UMN, Yusuf Abul-Hajj, and a surprise check for $25,000 from the BOV toward the Roberts/Francetic Living the WI Idea Fund.  An excellent BOV meeting all day Friday, followed by the glorious event at the Dejope Residence Hall, capped off with a surprise Bobble Head Roberts from the Advancement Team!  Music by MadiSalsa, dancing with Chancellor Ward, seeing so many faculty, staff, alumni, and campus colleagues…what a blast!  And Saturday was the Badger Spring Football Game with proceeds going to the SOP Great People Scholarship Fund.  It was the first nice day for weeks, and I got to do the ceremonial coin toss.  (Do you realize how big football players are up close?!)  We will receive a bit over $40,000 from the game, with a 50 cents on the dollar match provided by the UW Foundation to add on top. Now that’s a great day!  Many thanks to alum Phil Berce from Good Value Pharmacy for sponsoring the alumni event in the Buckingham Club.  And to alum and former UW football player Derrick Konkol for serving as an “honorary captain” for the event.  And to UW Athletics for partnering with us on the occasion of our 130th anniversary.  If that were not enough, we used the focus on all things pharmacy to launch a new MedDrop Box at the UWPD Headquarters on Monroe St.  This is the first such resource on campus, bringing the number of Dane County facilities for disposal of unwanted, unneeded, and/or expired medications to twelve.  BTW, clean out YOUR medicine cabinet!  Let’s have SOP faculty, staff, and students lead the way in this effort to avoid prescription drug abuse, misuse, and diversion.  The MedDrop Box is located in the lobby of the UWPD building and is accessible 24/7.

Special thanks to the school’s Advancement Team (Adam Kindschy, Development; Kim Santiago, Alumni Relations; Diane Stojanovich, Communications; Jean Schmidt, Dean’s Office, and Scott Weiss, Public Affairs, UWHC) for all the detail work on multiple events on multiple days with multiple surprises! Memories for a lifetime, that’s for sure…

Items on the “save the date list” include:

  • Gordon Amidon from the University of Michigan (formerly UW) will be honored with the Busse Lectureship this year. Please join us on Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10 at 3:30 each afternoon.
  • The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Tuesday, May 14 from 12:00-1:30 in room 1128. Another promotion to full professor is in the works, so we need 2/3 of all full professors to constitute a quorum. Lots of other business as well.
  • The Governor has selected May 8 as the State Employee Recognition Day. To celebrate our employees, UW-Madison will hold an Employee Recognition Day Ice Cream Social on Thursday, May 16 starting at 1:00 on Bascom Hill (or in Birge Hall if it’s raining). I’ll be rolling up my sleeves to scoop ice cream to honor all UW-Madison employees. All are welcome!
  • New: Timing is everything! Also on Thursday, May 16, we will hold our 8th Annual Staff Recognition Event in the room 2336 from 3:30-5:30. I’ll say a few words ~4:00. Come and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the School’s excellent staff!
  • Graduation is rapidly approaching! The School’s hooding ceremony will be held Friday, May 17 at 1:30 in Union South followed by our usual HUGE reception with family members and friends. Commencement for our PharmD and PhD graduates will occur in the Kohl Center starting at 5:30. On Saturday, May 18, brunch for our BS graduates and their families will be held in the Kohl Center starting at 8:15, followed by commencement for BS and MS graduates at 10:00. Come and celebrate with our graduates!
  • New: Our spring Faculty/Staff meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, 2:00-3:30 in room 2336. Lots of year-end business to conduct, so please plan on it.
  • New: Get ready for the 50th anniversary of the UWHC Pharmacy Residency Program, August 9-11!

Thanks to all the faculty, staff, and students that played a role in organizing and conducting our Discovery Day for interested high school students in April. You all made the school look gooood!

Lots of UW SOP faces were present at the 2013 PSW Educational Conference held recently. Speakers included faculty members Michelle Chui (SAS), Orly Vardeny (PPD), and Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli (PPD), as well as our School of Vet Med pharmacy colleague, Jim Budde. I had the opportunity to serve on the “reactor panel” to alum Bill Zellmer’s presentation about the Pharmacy Forecast report. Several poster presentations as well, and Susan Tran (SAA) manning the UW booth at the Exhibit Forum.

The Rx Factor Talent Show and Silent Auction was a huge hit again this year! The auction had all kinds of items available for bid and was a wonderful fundraiser for WSPS programs. I ended up with a mini Badger helmet signed by Barry Alvarez. And the talents of our faculty and students! Performers included comedy by Beth Elliott (PPD) and John Lemke (DPH-2); comedy by Rodney Burayidi (DPH-4); a piano and guitar duet by Casey Spitzer (DPH-1) and David Dulak (DPH-1); the finals of Relay for Life’s Karting for Cancer video game race; Trisha Pedone (DPH-2), Luiza Kerstenetzky (DPH-2), and Jared Mills (DPH-1) doing a hip hop routine inspired by Mexican folk dance; and Sueng-ri Lee (DPH-3) and Anna Nadon doing a beautiful waltz. And the winner is…the Hip Hop Dancers!! There was also the WSPS Spelling Bee Finals between Kui Nganga (DPH-3), Zach Schlei (DPH-3), and Erick Siegenthaler (DPH-2), moderated by alum and WSPS advisor, Kim Lintner. And the winner is…Zach Schlei! Ed Portillo (DPH-3) served as Emcee for the evening and wound up the show with a keyboard/voice performance of “I am a Pharmacy Guy” set to “American Pie”…too great! My heartfelt thanks to the students who presented me with a beautiful poster spelling out DEAN (dedicated, exceptional, admire, nurture) with sentiments by each of the four PharmD classes. I will cherish it!

After the show, I had the opportunity to stop by AJ Bombers and serve as a celebrity (?) bar tender for a Kick it to Cancer fundraiser organized by Becca Skowronski (DPH-1) and Nicole Heinowski (DPH-1). The students raised over $1,300!

This year’s White Coat Ceremony, formally welcoming our DPH-1 students to the School and the profession, was held last Sunday afternoon in Union South. It was the best ever, I think! Dave Mott (SAS) was invited to give the keynote speech, and Karen Kopacek (PPD/Student Affairs) was selected to lead the students in the Oath of a Pharmacist. WSPS faculty advisors Beth Martin and Andrea Porter (both PPD) were on hand, as were the “coaters,” alum and PSW President Mary Rice, alum and PAA President Sarah Sorum, and Pharmacy Student Senate Chair Nate Smith (DPH-3). For the first time, pharmacist parents of the students were invited to coat their own kids…really special! Thanks again to everyone who played a role in this wonderful celebration with our students and their families!

Thanks to Ken Niemeyer (Graduate Programs Office), and SAS faculty and graduate students for hosting a poster session in April to encourage student interest in SAS grad programs.

Recent faculty highlights that have crossed my desk:

  • One of my favorite times of the year…announcement of our Teachers of the Year! This year’s winners:
    • DPH-1: Chuck Lauhon (PharmSci)
    • DPH-2: Warren Heideman (PharmSci)
    • DPH-3: Beth Elliott (PPD)
    • Student Senate: Beth Elliott (PPD)

    Congratulations, all! Beth will be representing the UW SOP at the upcoming AACP annual meeting in Chicago. (Sorry the meeting isn’t somewhere more exotic…)

  • Congratulations to Steve Oakes (PharmSci) for being selected as a Fellow of the UW Teaching Academy…nice!
  • And to Beth Martin (PPD) on her promotion to Associate Professor (CHS)!
  • AND to Marty Kieser (PPD) on her promotion to Clinical Professor!
  • Steve was also the recipient of funding for an Educational Innovation project with Liz Petty (SMPH) to develop case scenarios for use in interprofessional education.
  • Lingjun Li (PharmSci) has accepted the invitation to join the editorial board of Analytical Methods, a journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. She will serve as the Associate Editor for the Americas, along side associate editors in Spain and China.
  • Karen Kopacek (PPD/Student Affairs) was reappointed to the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination Review Committee of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).
  • Congratulations to Eva Vivian (PPD) for successfully defending her MS thesis in Populations Health Sciences!
  • Congrats also to Tim Bugni (PharmSci) for being invited to speak at this year’s Perlman Symposium (supported by a gift from Kato Perlman, in honor of former SOP dean David Perlman). This symposium highlights the medical aspects of antibiotic and microbiological research at UW-Madison and is sponsored by the Departments of Medical Microbiology & Immunology and Bacteriology.
  • Thanks to Richard Hsung (PharmSci) for joining the Small Molecule Synthesis & Screening Facility (SMSSF) Advisory Board.
  • Congratulations to Barry Gidal for reelection to a second term as chair of PPD. He will be joined by Connie Kraus as vice chair, as of July 1, 2013.
  • Also to several PharmSci faculty for having their affiliate appointments in the Chemistry Department renewed: Richard Hsung, Lingjun Li, Sandro Mecozzi, and Lian Yu. As mentioned, Weiping Tang also received affiliate status last month.

Notable notes from our staff:

  • Congratulations to Elaine Stroud (AIHP) for receiving a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Stipend Grant to finish her translation of De Homine by Thomas Hobbes. De Homine is the second section of Hobbes’ trilogy, the Elements of Philosophy, which was published in Latin in 1658. Elaine’s interests are focused on the middle section of the book, which consists for Hobbes’ theory of optics. Hobbes’ interests turned much more scientific and mathematical, rather than philosophical, at this time. (Yes, I had to look this all up!)
  • And to Ken Niemeyer (Graduate Programs Office) for being selected as an honorary initiate by the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi for his excellence in academic advising. BTW, Pharm/Tox student Max Melberg serves as a student member on the PKP Executive Board.

From students, residents, and trainees:

  • Congratulations to Kalynn Rohde (DPH-3) for being selected as a 2013 Paul Ambrose Scholar! This national award is given out by the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research and the Whitehouse Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Kalynn will be attending a special symposium in Washington, DC organized around various aspects of public health.
  • Congratulations to new officers in the Pharmacy Student Senate: President, John Lemke (DPH-2); Secretary, Luiza Kerstenetzky (DPH-2); Treasurer, Kristin O’Reilly (DPH-1), and Interprofessional Council member, Kelsey Hawkins (DPH-2), and member-elect, Torie Grover (DPH-1). Every year, an amazing group of student leaders doing important work!
  • Speaking of student government, congrats to Mike Van Sistine (DPH-2) for securing a seat on the Associated Students of Madison (ASM), the main student governance body on campus.
  • More congrats to Andrew Berti (DPH-3) for being selected as a WalMart Scholar this year. He will attend the 2013 AACP in Chicago along with his faculty mentor, Beth Martin (PPD).
  • Last month, I mentioned three PharmSci grad students that were selected for highly competitive Graduate Fellowships from NSF. There is another! Congrats to Sarah Neuman (Bashirullah group). Congrats also to Joseph Gawdzik (Heideman group) for receiving an honorable mention.
  • I completely forgot to congratulate Alex Peaslee (DPH-3) and John Folstad (DPH-3) for receiving the 2013 PSW Student Good Government Award at the recent PSW Legislative Day.
  • The sixth and final slot in our Community Pharmacy Residency Program at the Dean Clinic in Janesville was recently filled by Patrick Baranowski (UW)…welcome!
  • Congratulations go to Pharm/Tox students who received 2013-2014 Wisconsin Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships!
    • Anatoliy Nechyporenko with Lingjun Li (PharmSci)
    • Jared Simmons with Katrina Forest, CALS
    • Rachel Sossaman with Gillian McLellan, SMPH
    • Logan Wilz with Randal Tibbels, SMPH
  • More congrats graduating to Pharm/Tox students who were invited to wear honors stoles at Commencement indicating their superior academic achievements:
    • Yinshan Chen
    • Kevin Mogen
    • Bernard Mulvey
  • And how about Dani Fischer (DPH-4) who came in first among the female runners at the 2013 Crazylegs!

Not to mention our amazing alumni and friends:

  • Congratulations to alums Terry Audley, Sara Beis, David Ehlert, James Hoffman, Arlene Iglar, and Sue Kleppin for being named “Fellow” by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Badgers dominated the list!
  • Congrats also to alum and BOV member Brian Jensen who will receive the Boh Clinical Instructor Excellence Award at our Hooding Ceremony on May 17.
  • And to alum Marty Girdaukas, Pharmacy Manager, for her 30-year service anniversary with ShopKo…wow!
  • I also completely forgot to congratulate alum Doug Englebert for receiving the 2013 PSW Good Government Award at Legislative Day.
  • PharmSci alum Heidi Mansour has taken a new faculty position at the University of Arizona…congratulations!
  • Congratulations to alum and BOV member Bruce Scott for being invited to give the latest Leadership Conversation at the University of Minnesota College of Phamacy.

No word yet on the next dean…stay tuned! Jeanette